Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy


Fight against piracy in the borders of Brazil


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Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy is a game focused on the concept of muambeiros, which are smugglers who try to cross the border between Brazil and Paraguay to sell their smuggled merchandise.

The gameplay is the typical of tower defense games. You control the forces of order in Brazil, and try to stop smugglers from coming in, managing different units that you can deploy to defend your position.

The available units are not that varied. There are policemen, special agents, and the military, who all shoot the same rubber bullets, just at different speeds. The more expensive the unit, the faster it shoots.

Besides these three basic defensive units, you can also acquire barricades, which slow down the movement of enemy units; giant bombs, which scare away the smugglers; and even new columns to deploy more units.

Muamba Wars - Fight Against Piracy is a pretty basic tower defense game, in which some more types of units are lacking, as well as some additional objective. As it is now, you just have to repel hordes of enemies without stopping.
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